Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great News for the BAND

YEAH! The King here, with awesome news! My lady love, Tallulah Bee will start performing with me!!!! The Mescaline Roses will seriously ROCK! We will be doing some of the materials together but mostly she'll rock the 'boring stuff'.

BABE, we are gonna be the best thing that has happened to the rock bizz since....well EVER!!! YEEEEAAAHH!

Stay cool blog people,you'll never know when THE KING is in town!


  1. I think I saw your band in Tegihualpa a few years ago! Is very good! Remind me of good old days, when we used to listen to Jerry Springfield very high on our radio! Donkeys went crazy! They don't like loud music, the donkeys. So I had to stop. But no I have no donkeys anymore, live in the city now, so now I can listen again! Come to Guadalajara soon!

  2. Dude man, nice to have you drop by. Yeah sure, I could have played at that place you said. Some gigs are a bit hard to remember. Do you live close to Tijuana because I most def know I've probably been there. God bless /the KING