Wednesday, January 21, 2009

band practice

Yo, Yo, Yo dudes and dudettes, the KING here, telling it like it is. Been busy in the studio today, (thank God I threw mother out of teh garage - now I can focus on my music! - the sound in there is quite impressive as well) getting the groove on. Fuck, it sounds bloody GREEEEEEEAT when everything comes together.

Tallulah Bee came by and and we played this new song 'Heartache Beat Box' I've been working on it for-fucking-ever and I was effing disopointed that Tall-Bee didn't put more of her heart into it. Of course we ended up in a fucking fight and she said she wanted to convert the studio to a craft room or what ever.

YEAH, that's bloody likely, duh!?!?! If you want to make bloody potpurri go live at fucking Pottery Barn in the Mall.

Anyways, she said she would quit the band and I sort of fired her. Did 'Heartache Beat Box' for my self the rest of the afternoon. Let me tell you it is fuckking impossible to play 2 guitars at the same time (and drums and lead vocal plus chorus and shit.)

So I called Tall-Bee and said she could come back to the band. She was a bit pissy at first but she knows she can't resist me. We're like magnets baby: you me and our music. (Fuck, that could be a great song too, need to go insperation coming, Thank You Jesus)

posting a pic of Tallulah Bee from before our fight, we'll make music BABY!!!

God bless /the KING

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