Thursday, January 22, 2009

comment to self portrait

Art critic dude! this time i have really worked on the sparks in the eyes, don't you agree. Lots of sparks I think. Also, Tallulah Bee says "Hi" too.

self portrait

Yo man! Wow it got really intense yesterday with the art critic but now we sort of get each other. He agreed my Jesus was extraordiner when we had chatted for a while. YEAH dude! The KING=the artist!!hahaha!

Anywho, I got so much insp. i felt I needed to make more art. This is me, in a self portrait, painted by the KING himself.

Well need to go back to the studio. Tall-Bee is mad coz the cats are sick, puking all over the house (I tell her:That's how it is with babies. baby. But she is still angry at me. Sorry honey, I'm AN ARTIST and as such I need to FOCUS on my MUSIC and now also MY ART). Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jesus I got your back!

Enough! I got a comment from some old dude saying he didn't like my Jesus Christ clip art. SHUT THE FUCK UP! You have no right to talk to me about Jesus, Humphry whats-your-face. It is not my fucking fault that you need effing lasik eye surgary. Art critic my ass - you're clueless - bloody blasphemist!

Jesus, I got your back. ALWAYS!

My Main Dude

Groupies, fans and roadies! I got down and dirty with old photoshop today. Don't wont to get too rusty now that some new covers soon need to be made (H-ll yeah I'm making them myself!) for the upcoming record. So today I've made some clip art of my main Dude Jesus CHRIST. Came out sweet I think, you can most DEF see who it is. Feel free to us it but be sure to pop me a link or two.

Stay cool /the KING

band practice

Yo, Yo, Yo dudes and dudettes, the KING here, telling it like it is. Been busy in the studio today, (thank God I threw mother out of teh garage - now I can focus on my music! - the sound in there is quite impressive as well) getting the groove on. Fuck, it sounds bloody GREEEEEEEAT when everything comes together.

Tallulah Bee came by and and we played this new song 'Heartache Beat Box' I've been working on it for-fucking-ever and I was effing disopointed that Tall-Bee didn't put more of her heart into it. Of course we ended up in a fucking fight and she said she wanted to convert the studio to a craft room or what ever.

YEAH, that's bloody likely, duh!?!?! If you want to make bloody potpurri go live at fucking Pottery Barn in the Mall.

Anyways, she said she would quit the band and I sort of fired her. Did 'Heartache Beat Box' for my self the rest of the afternoon. Let me tell you it is fuckking impossible to play 2 guitars at the same time (and drums and lead vocal plus chorus and shit.)

So I called Tall-Bee and said she could come back to the band. She was a bit pissy at first but she knows she can't resist me. We're like magnets baby: you me and our music. (Fuck, that could be a great song too, need to go insperation coming, Thank You Jesus)

posting a pic of Tallulah Bee from before our fight, we'll make music BABY!!!

God bless /the KING

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Babies

Apart from my music, my band, my woman and my main dude Jesus Christ, there is a main love in my life: furless Sphynx Cats. We have three of them and they are loved like family members. Please take a look at our babies:

Please meet Jehova, the big brother:

Israel, the little rascal always teasing his parents:

And our Princess, Baby Girl:

Quite the beautiful family, don't you think :-) Every day I thank the Lord for bringing these loving cats into my life. Without would lose its meaning...

Great News for the BAND

YEAH! The King here, with awesome news! My lady love, Tallulah Bee will start performing with me!!!! The Mescaline Roses will seriously ROCK! We will be doing some of the materials together but mostly she'll rock the 'boring stuff'.

BABE, we are gonna be the best thing that has happened to the rock bizz since....well EVER!!! YEEEEAAAHH!

Stay cool blog people,you'll never know when THE KING is in town!

Last night

Wow, man! Last night was I-N-T-E-N-Z-Z-Z-E. The gig went fucking great, performed 'Dancing with the skeleton' like 3 fucking times the crowd went WILD, man. Especially since I also do the gitarr and vocals now since Fred and Sjithead dropped out (FUUUUUCK you losers, don't come knocking, you are no longer welcome in the Mescaline Roses)

Anyway, last night was awesame. On my way home though the bus broke down and I had to walk like forever with the gear (yeah man, including the drums) but it was worth it because I ROCKED!!!

over and out!


James Jefferson King in da houze!!! My blog= my life, sharing da VIBE and da BEAT....don't stop the music, man!